Data Types:

  • float: Numbers with a decimal part, even if that part is zero ( eg 2.5,3.141,-3.0)
  • str: Strings are how we store text data in Python. Strings are strings of characters between either double quotes (“”) or single quotes (‘’)
Confusion Matrix

Accuracy=(TP+TN)/All Predictions

Misclassification Rate=(FP+FN)/All Predictions or 1-Accuracy


  • a.k.a. True Positive Rate, Recall


  • a.k.a. True Negative Rate


  • a.k.a. Positive Predictive Valu

F1 score=2*(Precision*Recall)/(Precision+Recall)

  • F1 score is the harmonic mean of precision and recall, if you care about precision and recall roughly the same amount, F1 score…

Ordinary Least Squares Regression: linear regression that has minimum mean squared error(MSE).

Multiple Linear Regression: when we have more than 1 predictor variable

  • When we interpret the coefficients from Multiple Linear Regression, we have to say ‘when all else hold’ before interpret any one of the coefficients.

Assumptions for Linear…

At the time when I was about to graduate from University, everyone was either looking for a job or applying graduate school. I was thinking of applying graduate school for Data Science too.

Later, I heard about bootcamp from friends, a lot of them recommend bootcamp over graduate school, in…

Letty Wu

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