Letty Wu

Nov 27, 2020

1 min read

Journal Into Data Science

At the time when I was about to graduate from University, everyone was either looking for a job or applying graduate school. I was thinking of applying graduate school for Data Science too.

Later, I heard about bootcamp from friends, a lot of them recommend bootcamp over graduate school, in terms of time and money, also the content. When the pandemic came, I got cut hours from my previous job and potential losing it. So I started to looking for a good bootcamp that can help me to change my career.

After searching online and asking friends, I compared General Assembly with another bootcamp, I went to the zoom info sessions and compared the course contents, etc. I ended up chose GA because of it’s credibility and course contents.

So far we are one and half weeks into the course, I do feel stress for the most of the time, given I don’t have any coding background, also everyday’s learning schedule is very compact. But I am also really excited to find a job in data word after I finish this bootcamp.